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LIFENAUT eNEWS Volume III, Issue I - Winter 2011

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NEW Feature Alert! introduces Multi-User Mindfiles....more

Unique Gift Idea: Bio File Kits Give the Gift That Keeps on Living...more.

NEW! LifeNaut's Robot Bina48 Featured in National Geographic ...more

NEW! Lifenaut User Guide 3,1 Release Includes new Multi-User Mindfile Features


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ETERNALIZE with a Bio Kit from!

Unique Gift Idea:

For a small donation you can save a copy of your DNA and become a participant in's Bio File Research Project.

(Alternatively gift this opportunity to someone else and we will send them a Bio-Kit and a free LifeNaut account invitation).

LifeNaut Bio Kits are offered for the cost of shipping and handling ($99.00 for US residents, $399.00 for International residents). The long-term storage of cellular material is FREE.

Sign Up and Donate Now

At you can easily create your own personal Bio File to complement your Mind File at

How it Works:

LifeNaut users who pay a small fee for the Bio Kit will become participants in a long term research project that will preserve cells and the DNA contained via a simple mouth rinse that contains their cells and DNA. The cellular material is collected with the LifeNaut Bio File Collection Kit (supplied by and shipped for storage at the cryo-preservation facility at the LifeNaut Project.

Once received at the LifeNaut project, cellular material is then processed and brought down to a storage temperature of -255 degrees Celsius and then stored in liquid nitrogen until future technology becomes available that may one day be used to create a new biological body. Nick Mayer, Manager of Cyber Biological Systems, a trained biologist from Brown University is in charge of the Bio File program.

Tax free donations are accepted to support Bio File Program. Sign Up and Donate Now

National Geographic Features Bina48 Robot

Did you know that the LifeNaut Project's Bina48 "friendship" robot was featured in the August 2011 edition of National Geographic?

Bina48 is based on the Mindfile information ( a real person: Bina Rothblatt (Co-Founder and Board Member of the Terasem Movement Foundation). Listen to what she has to say about LifeNaut and the Future. Watch video

~ NEW FEATURE ALERT: Multi-User Mindfiles~

Use Multi-User Mindfiles to Crowd Source the Building of Digital Biographies and Artificially Intelligent Personal Avatars

"Helping people to come together around the building of an online biography and avatar about someone they care about can be fun! Imagine bringing your favorite great grandfather or auntie back to virtual life, using family history, old photos, videos and other digital reflections for sharing with future generations."

Bruce Duncan, Managing Director, Terasem Movement Foundation.

The Multi-User Mindfile feature is our newest web tool that allows anyone with a computer and an internet connection to create a custom social network and invite their friends/family to work together in building a rich detailed online biographical profile of anyone they choose. These collaborative profiles, called Multi-User Mindfiles, allow anyone to preserve the important life history information about anyone else, eg. family, friends, descendents, or even personal heroes, for generations to come. Another feature allows users to create photo based 2.5D talking Avatars using a single digital image of a person.

With an easy on the eyes and easy-to-use interface designed by veteran web designer Brand Kurowski, Logic Branch Productions, the LifeNaut team builds on its past success and experience in creating a rich environment for LifeNaut users to pay homage to people they care about and admire via this latest feature,encouraging collaboration and social networking in the creation of online digital legacy archives.


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LifeNaut User Guide 3.1 is now available

The guide has been updated to reflect information about Multi-User Mindfiles,the latest update of launched on December 10th, 2011.

To download the PDF, just click on this link: Lifenaut User Guide.pdf or the image to the right and then save it to your desktop. This is a moderately large file (20 MB/ 87 pages) so will take about a minute to download, so please be patient, it's worth the wait.

Monthly Prober Video Cam Glasses
Contest Continues!

Odds of Winning Are Excellent! Don't miss the opportunity each month to win a free pair of cool Video Camera Glasses/Shades. Register for the Contest HERE and start uploading files to your "mindfile".

A free pair of Prober Video glasses will be awarded to the user who uploads the most content to their mindfile each month. It’s a great way to get started on building a mindfile and have the option of capturing your daily life via a wearable pair of video glasses (sound too).

Next LifeNaut Newsletter in Spring 2012

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