Welcome to LifeNaut.com

Create your Mindfile and Biofile today. LifeNaut.com is a web based research project that allows anyone to create a digital back-up of their mind and genetic code.The ultimate goal of our research project is to explore the transfer of human consciousness to computers/robots and beyond.

MindFile is a database of personal reflections captured in video, image, audio and documents about yourself,  that can be saved, searched, downloaded and shared with friends. Each account comes with an interactive Avatar that becomes more like you the more you teach and train it to think like you (free).

The Bio File allows you to collect (*biofile kit purchase required) and store a copy of your DNA for free. Participate in one of the most future forward research projects of our time.

What’s it like to be a Transbeman?

“What is a Mindclone? |  Who is Martine Rothblatt?