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What is a Mindfile?
A Mindfile is a web-based storage space for organizing and preserving critical information (digital reflections) about one’s unique and essential characteristics for the future, and to share with friends and relatives in the present. To create a mindfile account click on Sign Up.

Is there a limit to the file size I can upload to my Mindfile? Currently there is a temporary restriction limiting the max file upload to under 2GB per file. Please note that this is due to current development/upgrade work on Lifenaut. We expect to increase the maximum file size allowed for upload to 3Gb by June 30th, 2023.

What does it Cost?
All Mindfile Accounts are free. While basic accounts will continue to be free, there may be premium services added in the future that will be offered for a fee.

Will I be able to share the digital reflections/ files that I store in a Mindfile Account at
The choice is up to you— you can set your account to “private” or “public.” The Terasem Foundation encourages the sharing of digital reflections. One of the goals of the LifeNaut Project is to encourage unity and diversity among its participants. To that end, permits all users to access and download any other users’ digital reflections/ files that are “public.” Can anyone create an account at Terasem Foundation invites anyone over the age of 13 to participate.

What is a Multi-User Mindfile?

Multi-User Mindfile makes it possible for a group of LifeNaut users to work together in building a single Mindfile. For example a Multi-User Mindfile could be created about an historical figure such as Abraham Lincoln or even one of your family descendents. By collaborating on a Multi User Mindfile, a group shares the workload and therefore decreases the amount of time it takes to build a robust Mindfile. Collaboration also taps into the diverse resources and synergy of a group of people working together on a single Mindfile. Multi-User Mindfile accounts can be created by anyone with a LifeNaut user account about anyone. All Multi-User Mindfiles will have a green (+) symbol next the to file name.

What is the LifeNaut Project?
The long-term goal is to test whether given a comprehensive database, saturated with the most relevant aspects of an individual’s personality, future intelligent software will be able to replicate an individual’s consciousness.

So, perhaps in the next 20 or 30 years technology will be developed to upload these files, together with futuristic software into a body of some sort (Mindclone) – perhaps cellular, perhaps holographic, perhaps robotic. is funded by the Terasem Movement Foundation, Inc.

The LifeNaut Project is organized as a research experiment designed to test these hypotheses:

(1) a conscious analog of a person may be created by combining sufficiently detailed data about the person (“mindfile & biofile”) using future consciousness software (“mindware”), and

(2) such a conscious analog may be downloaded into a biological or nanotechnological body to provide life experiences comparable to those of a typically birthed human.

Will my information be private?
You can choose either to share or not share the contents of your LifeNaut Account. If you choose to share your account information you will be supporting one of the LifeNaut Project’s goals, which is to make it possible for people worldwide to benefit from the creation of an open access network of mindfiles that can be shared with the general public. In either case, whether you choose to share or not share your information, remember that you are responsible for deciding which information to upload to and therefore should think carefully about which information you decide to upload (see Privacy Policy).

As a registered LifeNaut you retain control over what goes into your mindfile and which information can be deleted*. (*unless you are part of group collaborative mindfile project with several designated mindfile users.)Who is supporting the LifeNaut Project?The Terasem Movement Foundation Inc. sponors and is a private non profit operating foundation (501(c)3) located in Vermont, USA. Funding from the LifeNaut project comes from private donations.

For more information visit:

How can I delete my mindfile data?
Delete mindfile data
To delete all data and close account:
In the Account Settings Page, you can close your account by Clicking on the “Close” button in the “Account” Dialog box.

To delete individual files within your account:
1. Choose “File Explorer” page from the Lifenaut navigation tabs and Select the file you would like to delete within the “File Explorer Page”
2. Click on the File to open the “Edit” window.
3. Click on “Delete” to delete that File.