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Create a Bio File

How it Works

Store your cells alive, with their biological clocks stopped for an indefinite amount of time1. Sign up for the LifeNaut BioFile Project. After purchasing a Bio Collection Kit ($99.00 / Domestic) There is no charge for storing your DNA sample, however we greatly appreciate your tax- deductible donations. 2. We send you a bottle of mouthwash and a collection tube. 3. You gargle the mouthwash, then send it to us. We collect the live cells from your sample and store them at liquid nitrogen temperature (-190° C) for an indefinite period of time. 4. After you have been declared legally dead, future technology may be able to grow you a new body via ectogenesis and your mindfile may be able to be downloaded into it, enabling you to live on indefinitely.


By combining a LifeNaut Bio File™ account with a LifeNaut Mind File™ account, there is a chance that future technology will be able to grow you a new body from your stored live cells and allow you to then download your conscious mindfile into that body.


Terasem Movement Foundation’s HQ in Northern Vermont is 100% powered by the solar panels & 100% heated/cooled by geothermal loop under pond, also powered by PV. Thus, Net Zero.  TMF safekeeps mindfiles and biofiles of lifenauts for future revitalization in accordance with their consents and technology advancements, while also spreading the good word that software people are people too — not having a body makes you differently abled, not sub-human. TMF also encourages work on cyber-consciousness via Bina48 tweets (@iBina48), FB posts and HIRL at various confabs, plus the movie “2B” (


There is no charge for participation in the LifeNaut Project’s Biofile program. We suggest a donation amount of $399 because our estimated costs of vitrifying and storing your cells are about $399 per participant.  We realize people have different financial abilities, so smaller donations are also most welcome.  Whatever you can afford.  People who can afford to make a larger donation should do so because this helps to cover the biofile costs of those with much less money. We also encourage your donation to be made in automatic monthly amounts. Our sponsor the Terasem Movement Foundation Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization which can receive tax deductible donations and will send you a receipt for your tax records.