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Create a Mind File

How it Works

Create a free Lifenaut Account by clicking here: Sign Up

–> Upload biographical pictures, videos, and documents to a digital archive that will be preserved for generations.

–> Organize through geo mapping, timelines, and tagging, a rich portrait of information about you. The places you’ve been and the people you’ve met can be stored.

–> Create a computer-based avatar to interact and respond with your attitudes, values, mannerisms and beliefs.

–> Connect with other people who are interested in exploring the future of technology and how it can enhance the quality of our lives.


A safe space to store your life experience offers users a free and offsite information back up option for personality and other life lesson information that can be accessed in the future.

An organized and free personal digital archive was created to help people build a rich profile of information that preserves their essential, unique qualities for future generations and family members.

A chance to explore the future…. offers participation in a long-term computer science research project that explores how technology may one day extend life through digital technology. See Mindclone for more info.


Terasem Movement Foundation’s HQ in Northern Vermont is 100% powered by the solar panels & 100% heated/cooled by geothermal loop under pond, also powered by PV. Thus, Net Zero.  TMF safekeeps mindfiles and biofiles of lifenauts for future revitalization in accordance with their consents and technology advancements, while also spreading the good word that software people are people too — not having a body makes you differently abled, not sub-human. TMF also encourages work on cyber-consciousness via Bina48 tweets (@iBina48), FB posts and HIRL at various confabs, plus the movie “2B” (


All LifeNaut Mindfile Accounts are free.

Donations are welcome and tax deductible:

While basic accounts will continue to be free, there may be premium services added in the future that will be offered for a fee.