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Welcome to Spacecast


How Does it Work?
The Terasem Movement Foundation contracts with a commercial satellite provider to broadcast (Spacecast) your “bemes” to a satellite located 22,300 miles over the equator. Our Spacecasts flood past the satellite and continue into deep space at the speed of light.

What is the Purpose?
Spacecasting your personal auto-biographical information or “bemes” ensures that some aspect of you can survive any catastrophe that might befall earth. Advanced technology that is capable of recovering the Spacecast signal will also most likely be capable of reconstructing yourself from the information in the Spacecast.

Who Would be Reconstructing Me from My Spacecast?
It is possible that you might be reconstructed by ETs. It is also possible that future technology will enable people from earth to travel faster than light and catch your bemes. With technology known today your bemes would have too little energy density to recover at even solar system distances from the earth. However, future technology could employ humungous synthetic aperture antenna arrays that could recover even the faintest signals from earth.

By comparison, please remember that even ten years ago our telescopes were too weak to detect the minor gravitational perturbations that reveal the presence of planets around other stars. However, today, hundreds of such planets have been detected.

Why Would I Want to be Reconstructed by an ET?
Terasemers believe that if the galaxy is populated with technologically advanced societies, then it is populated by friendly, ethical beings. We believe if the galaxy was populated by unfriendly technological advanced civilizations then earth would have already been colonized by them. With self-replicating technology it takes a very brief period of time to visit every star in the galaxy. Consequently, if we are reconstructed by ETs, Terasem believes they would reconstruct us from our bemes consistently with how we would want to live.

What does it cost?
Spacecast is part the of free suite of applications available (A.I. Avatar, Mindfile, Geo Explorer, Time Line ect.) to Lifenaut account holders (also free).


Enabling and Disabling Spacecast its up to You:
It is up to you whether or not you’d like to have your information broadcast out into deep space. To enable or dis- able this option, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the button that says, “Disable Spacecasting” or “Enable Spacecasting.”

You Choose Which Files to Spacecast :
LifeNaut gives you the option to decide which of your files are Spacecasting. On the “Stats” page, you will see a section called “Spacecast Settings.” Here, you have check boxes where you can check or unchecked different parts of your mindfile to be sent out into space. The different parts are profile, video, audio, documents, images, and biometrics.

Checking Your Statistics
You can check your current statistics by going to the “Stats” page and looking at the box on the upper right hand corner. Inside this box, you can find out how often your bemes are Spacecast, when your next Spacecast will be- gin, distance of your most recent Spacecast from Earth, and how long it will take your most recent Spacecast to reach Alpha Centauri.

What else is cool about Spacecast?
We are always working on improving the visualization of where your Spacecast information is traveling (and has traveled).

3D Visualization of Spacecast:
When you sign up for a free account and navigate to the Spacecast / FAQ page you will be able to explore that feature.

Once enabled any information you upload will join the cue of other Lifenaut’s who have elected to “Spacecast” their “mindfile” to outer space.

You can also just check out the Spacecast visualizations from the Global Log tab that shows current Lifenaut user files being transmitted.

In either the “ Personal” or \”Global” log pages, by clicking on an individual file you can access information about that file and its Spacecast journey.

Our current visualization is fairly basic compared to the rich artist renderings at sites like Nasa.Gov, yet you can see a simple 3D rendering of our solar system and galaxy with a  ** “green cone” projecting into the heavens from the location of earths solar orbit (when the transmission occurred, which is best viewed on a larger laptop / desktop screen.)

Have fun and remember; the journey should be as fun as the destination!

Cheers – Lifenaut Team

** While we don’t currently compile a written list of exo-planets your information has passed (coming later this year), you can pick out, from the interactive graphic / green cone showing the field of transmission, a number of planets and Stars and using your touch pad or mouse you can click/hold and move the graphics around in a 3D axis. Information about labeled stars, planets and other bodies e..g comets within the green transmission cone will appear in an inset when clicked on.