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Lifenaut Lifesaver volunteers

The Terasem Movement Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit whose mission is to educate and advocate for the geo ethical use of technology to improve and extend lives. We are located in the Green Mountains of Northern Vermont. Saving Lives, One Story at a Time at – It is estimated that a world total of 250,000 people pass on each day, and with them a lifetime of wisdom, stories and knowledge is lost. Lifenaut Lifesaver volunteers help new and current Lifenaut users gather and upload their digital information to get started on creating their mindfile. LifeNaut Lifesaver volunteers connect with the lives of others before it is too late or even after the fact using available clues like photos, videos, audio, and documents to upload and save the essence of a person’s life information. Volunteers should have a sense of humor, love of stories and know their way around a computer. Get ready to explore, connect, laugh and cry as you enter the world of another person and help preserve what is unique about them. The Volunteer Opportunity: As a LifeNaut Lifesaver volunteer you will have a direct role in preserving the life lessons, memories, and history of another person. You choose the person and frequency of with which you will be uploading information and you determine the level of privacy (share or no share) for each person’s life story. You can create a Lifenaut account for yourself, a family member, colleague or personal hero/mentor, its up to you. All volunteers will be invited to a free 2 hour orientation to, its tools and then can participate in monthly online volunteer support chats with Lifenaut project staff.

Join us in this global project to save lives, one story at a time! Volunteer now click here Volunteer links with the Volunteer listings: