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How will I know that my cells have been successfully stored alive?
We will send you a LifeNaut Bio File™Certificate of Storage once your sample has  successfully been vitrified and and brought down to temperature.  This includes:

  1. data that verifies that your cells were determined to be alive; and
  2. the freeze curve for your samples that documents that your cells were brought down to storage temperature using the safest, state of the art technology.

How secure is your facility?
Our crytostorage facility is monitored by 2 completely unique 24/7 surveillance systems that will alert Bio File™ personnel of any problems related to security and/ or temperature change.

What happens to my cells if there is a power outage?
Because we store cells in liquid nitrogen, our LifeNaut BioFile™ System is not dependent upon electrical power to keep the cells frozen. In addition, our storage facility features backup power in the form of battery banks.

What is your privacy policy?
At LifeNaut Bio File™, your personal privacy is important. We recognize you may  have an interest in how we collect, retain, and use the information about you.  For further information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

What are the steps involved if I decide to sign up?
1.  Sign up to donate to the BioFile Project
2.  LifeNaut Bio File™ sends you a mouthwash cell collection kit
3.  You send your sample to LifeNaut Bio File™
4.  LifeNaut Bio File™confidentially identifies the sample, then vitrifies & cryogenically stores live cells
5.  LifeNaut sends you a Bio File™Certificate of Storage including a copy of  your sample’s freeze curve, which confirms safe storage of your live cells.
6.  Upon your request or based upon your wishes in the signup form, your cells will be released free of charge to a whole body regeneration laboratory when that  technology becomes available.

What is vitrification?
Vitrification is the transformation of a substance into the form of “glass” (as opposed to ice). By using a special cryoprotectant, Cryostor™, we are able to prevent damage to cells due to ice formation.  Instead of forming ice crystals that can pierce the delicate membranes and organelles inside your cells killing them, the Cryostor™, basically allows cells to be frozen exactly as they were before freezing, alive, yet with their biological clocks stopped.

Is this part of a research project?
Yes, the LifeNaut Bio File™ service is a part of the larger LifeNaut Project, which is a research experiment designed to investigate whether or not these 2 hypotheses could become a reality someday: 1. Given a comprehensive database saturated with the most important aspects of an individual’s personality, future intelligent software will be able to replicate this individual’s consciousness; and 2. These reanimated personalities will be able to be imported into biological, nanotechnological, and/ or robotic bodies.

Who are the people behind LifeNaut Bio File™?
Meet our Staff. LifeNaut Bio File™is a project run by the Terasem Movement Foundation, Inc. We are dedicated to unity, diversity, and joyful immortality through cybernetic biostasis.