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Bio: Martine Rothblatt

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Brief Bio:

Martine Rothblatt is Chairman & CEO of United Therapeutics, a company she started to save the life of one of her daughters. She leads efforts to create novel therapies for rare diseases, to decode the pharmacogenomic properties of medicines and to manufacture an unlimited supply of transplantable organs.

She previously created and led Sirius XM as its Chairman & CEO, and launched other satellite systems for navigation and international television broadcasting. In the field of aviation her Sirius XM satellite system enhances safety with real-time digital weather information to pilots in flight nationwide, and she designed the world’s first electric helicopter, subsequently setting dual-pilot speed, altitude and endurance records in it.

Dr. Rothblatt also led the first efforts to create transgender health law standards, and to protect privacy and autonomy rights in genetic information via an international treaty.

She has Bachelor’s (Communications Studies, Summa Cum Laude), JD and MBA degrees from UCLA, and a Ph.D. in Medical Ethics from the Royal London School of Medicine & Dentistry.

Her patented inventions cover aspects of satellite radio, prostacyclin biochemistry and cognitive software.

Dr. Rothblatt’s recent books are on xenotransplantation (Your Life or Mine), non-binary gender identity (Transgender to Transhuman) and cyberethics (Virtually Human).

Instagram: @transbinary, Twitter: @skybiome


Books Written:

  • Radiodetermination Satellite Services and Standards, Artech House, 1987, (communications satellite technology)
  • Apartheid of Sex, Crown, 1995  (transgenderism)
  • Unzipped Genes, Temple University Press, 1997 (bioethics and biopolitics)
  • Your Life or Mine, Ashgate, 2003  (xenotransplantation)
  • Two Stars for Peace, iUniverse, 2003  (Middle East peace process)
  • Virtually Human, St. Martin’s Press, 2014 (artificial intelligence, Mindclones)


More about Martine Rothblatt:

The Trans-Everything CEO

By Lisa Miller
September 7, 2014

Futurist, pharma tycoon, satellite entrepreneur, philosopher. Martine Rothblatt, the highest-paid female executive in America, was born male. But that is far from the thing that defines her. Just ask her wife. Then ask the robot version of her wife.

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Martine Rothblatt: She founded SiriusXM, a religion and a biotech. For starters.

By Neely Tucker
December 12, 2014

She founded a religion, the Terasem Movement, which puts together her cultural Judaism (she puts on a mean seder), Zen-like yoga and a deep belief in technology. One of the four founding beliefs: “Death is optional.”

The physical manifestation of this faith is a bodyless robot, named and modeled after Rothblatt’s second wife, Bina. The robot, Bina48, is just a head. It has a face made of frubber, wears a good-looking wig, has facial-scanning software in her “eyes,” so that when her head whirs and clicks, then locks on your face, she’s running your profile to see if she “knows” you.

Bina48 lives on a desk in rural Vermont, awaiting the day when man and machine are one.

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Martine Rothblatt: My daughter, my wife, our robot, and the quest for immortality

The founder of Sirius XM satellite radio, Martine Rothblatt now heads up a drug company that makes life-saving medicines for rare diseases (including one drug that saved her own daughter’s life). Meanwhile she is working to preserve the consciousness of the woman she loves in a digital file … and a companion robot. In an onstage conversation with TED’s Chris Anderson, Rothblatt shares her powerful story of love, identity, creativity, and limitless possibility.


Dr. Martine & Bina Rothblatt Speak at Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit