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Memory Recordings

Memory Recordings

mttneurotech-logoHow does making a Memory Recording work?

The Terasem Movement Foundation is associated with Millennium Magnetic Technologies (MMT) which  provides the actual recordings of your real-time thoughts and memories using functional MRI. MMT

There is cost involved but Lifenaut members receive a 10% discount on their recordings. Contact MMT at for more details.

How are Memory Recordings done?

Memory Recordings provided by MMT are a permanent record of your thoughts, feelings, and memories captured through functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI).  Most people are familiar with MRI to detect injured tissue in the body.  MMT uses their proprietary fMRI software to detect the voxels (tiny square areas) of the brain active while you are thinking and remembering past, present or anticipating future events. These changing patterns of brain activity are then recorded on top of a representation of the brain.  While lying in the MRI, you are read a list of questions that you provide to MMT to ‘jog’ what you would like to remember or think about.  These recordings show the different parts of the brain active during specific thoughts. The questions can be general or specific, even completely personal- but only known to you!

What is the Purpose of Memory Recordings ?

You keep these for potential future playback for your own personal use, for your family to have and playback in the future, to put out for download from the internet, and for posterity here on earth.  You can also upload them to your Bemes account and then using Lifenaut’s  Spacecasting technology, broadcast them into deep space at the speed of light.  This ensures some aspect of you- including your memories- survives literally forever.  They may even be re-constructed by an advanced technology that is capable of recovering the Spacecast signal.

What is the status of the playback technology?

The technology for full playback and experiencing your own or someone else’s memories or thoughts is being conceptually developed by MMT and at a number of leading universities.  At the moment we do not have a ‘memory disc player’ but MMT expects that such a device will become a reality in the near future.  In the mean time, memory slips away as your brain constantly ‘rewires’ itself to be able to concentrate on what is new in your life.  You only have dim memories of the faces of your very old friends or of activities you did years ago.  That is normal- but MMT can set your current thoughts into a recording that will never change and be available forever.

In the future MMT fully expects both your own memories and those of others to be ‘playable’ in your mind. This may also have importance for brain health and recovery of diminished function in the future.

By comparison, please remember that even a few years ago High Definition Television or DVDs were not readily available.  Technology advances steadily but memories fade. Now is the time to record your sense of yourself, the memory of your wedding or a significant trip, how you feel about yourself or someone special-  while they are at their experiential peak.