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Transhumanism / Singularity

  • Accelerating Future – Website with articles and forum. Topics include accelerating change, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, intelligence enhancement, the Singularity, and existential risks.
  • Critical Discussion of Vinge’s Singularity Concept – Thirteen participants write essays on the Singularity; Vernor Vinge responds to each. Edited by Robin Hanson.
  • Ethical Issues In Advanced Artificial Intelligence – Oxford philosopher Nick Bostrom’s analysis and policy recommendations for the construction of advanced artificial intelligences with self-improving superhuman intelligence (the Singularity).
  • How Long Before Superintelligence? – Nick Bostrom’s scholarly analysis of the hardware and software required for superintelligence, and when it is likely to arrive.
  • Long-Term Growth as a Sequence of Exponential Modes – Trend analysis: Fits the history of economic growth from 2 million B.C. to today as a sequence of growth modes, and suggests that in the next century a new mode may appear where the economy doubles every month or two.
  • Nanotechnology Now – Singularity – A brief article with numerous links.
  • Shock Level 4 Mailing List – Information on the Singularity, superintelligence, Powers, Jupiter Brains, Alpha-Point cosmologies, posthumanity, Apotheosis et al. “The four virtues of an SL4 post are Intelligence, Fun, Importance, and Future Shock. (Any post should include at least one.)”