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  • Anders Transhuman Page– One of the first transhumanist sites and still very comprehensive. Features an introduction to transhumanism and five detailed topic areas: Individual, Global, Cultural, Technological, and Organizational.
  • The Advent Of Humanisation – Suggesting that the human race has a certain genetic potential – an inherent capacity to create a particular form of society – which is now close to realization.
  • Betterhumans – News, articles, and links related to scientific advances in human improvement.
  • Extropy Institute – Transhumanist group which advocates using technology to extend healthy life, augment intelligence, optimize psychology, and improve social systems.
  • Future Human Evolution is a database of ideas and articles about the human future regarding to genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, transhumanism, emerging technologies, life extension, human evolution and enhancement.” individual humans sharing multiple brains.
  • Homo Multifarius – Unique speculative perspective on the possibility of individual humans sharing multiple brains.
  • Mind Uploading – The putative future process of copying one’s mind from the natural substrate of the brain into an artificial one, manufactured by humans.
  • Wikipedia: Category: Transhumanism – Definition, history, and various topics.
  • World Transhumanist Association – Explores possibilities for the “posthuman” future created by increased merging of people and technology via bioengineering, cybernetics, nanotechnologies, and other emerging innovations. Offers an academic journal, e-zine, FAQ, discussion lists, and references.